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Red lentil

Red lentil
  • Red lentil
  • Red lentil
  • Red lentil
  • Red lentil
  • Red lentil
  • Red lentil
  • Red lentil
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Страна производитель:Казахстан

Whole Red Lentils of premium quality, also known as "football". 

Red lentil is a very healthy dietary product with high content of digestible vegetable protein. This protein is worth as meat.

Red lentil has almost all the spectrus of elements such as  A, B, E Vitamins, PP, folic acid, amino acid etc. Red lentil is a source of energy that run out slowly by organism.

Technical characteristics of our product:

Moisture - less 10%,

other grain - 0%,


Origin is Kazakhstan.

We can export our product to many countries. Contact for additional information.

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Страна производитель:Казахстан
Тип продукции:Продовольственный
Год урожая:2017
Влажность: 11
Сорность: 0,2
Битость: 0,1
Информация актуальна: 24.10.2018


Red lentil от компании Anka Group, TOO, Кокшетау (Казахстан). Купить Red lentil со склада. Цена, фото, условия доставки. Звоните!
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